What is an asset pledge loan?

The loan with a pledge of assets can be an alternative for those who need money in a simple and uncomplicated way. However, this model is not well known, so it is necessary to have a complete understanding.

Like any other loan transaction, it is essential to know rules, rates, values ​​and how this modality works in general since it deals with the pledge of assets, that is, personal objects that often have great sentimental value. Check out the post we prepared on the subject and understand!

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An increasingly requested modality, the loan with a pledge of assets is an option for people who wish to place something as a guarantee for obtaining a cash value for the achievement of an objective.

The goods in question may vary, but the most common are jewelry, real estate, and cars. Each of these assets can be left with the bank as a guarantee that payment of the loan will be made within the term established by the financial institution.

This product model was developed so that people get the cash values ​​they want, without having to pay high fees and using assets that they already have as a guarantee so that the grantor of the loan does not leave the loss in the event of default.

Understand how contracting a loan with a pledge of assets works

Understand how contracting a loan with a pledge of assets works

In this modality, the client requests the loan with a pledge with the financial institution, in a process that varies, being simpler and faster in case of jewelry as collateral, eliminating the need for analysis with the SPC and Serasa, requiring only the evaluation of the item.

For cars and real estate, credit analysis needs to be done in the traditional way, through consultations with credit regulatory agencies.

With the pledge of jewelry, the applicant is entitled to a loan at the full value of the item or 85% of the value. For real estate, this percentage is 60%, while for vehicles, 80%.

In this way, the customer has access to the terms placed by the financial institution, which defines the payment term for the requested loan. In the event of default, the asset is auctioned to cover the cost of the loan that was not returned.

In the case of a profit greater than the value of the asset at the auction, that profit margin remains with the owner of the asset.

Will the client undergo an analysis?

It will pass if these pledged assets are real estate or automobiles. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the SPC and Serasa records to verify the customer’s credit. For jewelry, this is waived and the item is evaluated by the financial institution.

Who can do it?

There are some basic restrictions for contracting a loan with a pledge of assets:

  • not be negative in SPC or Serasa (for real estate and cars);
  • be in the age group between 21 and 68 years;
  • achieve a sufficient credit score score.

Where to hire?

This modality can be contracted with the authorized financial institutions, as is the case of Quero Financiar, which offers the specialty of loan with a guarantee of property or vehicle.

It is important to be aware of what is established in the contract, especially the term for the debt to be paid and the way it will be done, in case it is all at once or in installments. Conditions may vary!


Check out the advantages of opting for this loan


The loan with a pledge of assets is very advantageous for those who hire it, which has been increasing the search for this type of product. Jewelry, cars and real estate are common goods and can be easily offered as a guarantee.

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