Instant credit with cash payment.

The instant credit with cash payment promises all the convenience of a modern online loan. The borrower does not even have to go to the bank to receive the money. It will be brought to his door in the post. How to do it, more on this in the article.

Instant loan with cash payment – the loan providers

Instant loan with cash payment - the loan providers

The instant credit with cash payment is an online loan offer. It is offered as a small loan. Small loans are very similar to the previous housewife loan. The maximum loan amount, depending on the provider, is limited to around 5,000 USD. Both financial service providers – credit intermediaries and other online providers – can be considered as possible providers. Credit calculators make it easy to find the right provider.

First of all, of course, everyone would like to know whether they are qualified for this loan themselves. The online credit check helps with this. Most offers today are deposited with an online loan application. Completing this application does not require anything. Nevertheless, the application should be filled in truthfully, because it ends with the automatic credit check. If the loan can be approved, the non-binding, preliminary loan approval appears on the screen.

The application process

The application process

If you want to decide on an offer, the actual legally binding application process begins. Together with the provisional loan approval, the credit provider will print out a data package. It contains the pre-filled loan application, a list of supporting documents and the application for the free Post-ID check.

Special note: only a few forget to sign the loan application. On the other hand, the signature to confirm the terms and conditions and Credit Bureau is overlooked.

Together with the complete application documents and the identity card, you can now go to the nearest post office. The counter clerk checks the identity of the applicant. All he has to do is take a look at his identity card. He then either makes a copy of the ID card or manually transfers the data to the examination form. This completes the application process for the borrower. The loan application for the instant loan with cash payment is legally binding and will be sent to the lender by post.

When does the postman ring the doorbell?

When does the postman ring the doorbell?

The mailing of the application takes about one to two working days. It is the bottleneck of all online loans. A maximum of one further working day must be expected for in-house mail distribution at the provider. In most cases, however, it is faster. An instant loan always has “priority” over “normal” loan applications. Approximately one working day must be expected for the processing of the application and the final loan approval.

With an instant loan that is transferred to the current account without cash, the transfer is now made. Depending on the recipient bank, the money can often be expected the next day. A cash payment is unfortunately not possible as quickly. The money order for the instant loan with cash payment is made immediately. But it can take up to a week for the postman to ring the front door.

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